5 Strong Herbs for Chronic Pain Relief

Chronic pains are more consistent and annoying than the acute pains. You may feel uncomfortable and in pain all the time. Chronic pains can occur in any part of the body. In this article, you will find out some strong herbs for chronic pain.

Millions of people are facing the same problem around the world and popping pills day and night are not helping very much. So if you are sick of taking pills and its side effects are bothering you, choose other natural ways and herbs which can allow you to treat these chronic pains without any side effects.

Here is the list of five top potent herbs for chronic pain which are considered to be the most efficient in this treatment.

Kratom for Chronic Pains

Kratom is a natural herb which is widely known as the remedy for chronic pains. Countless people are getting relief from their pains every day by using Kratom. Almost every Kratom strain is used to treat the chronic pains, but Red Bali Kratom strain is the most effective one.

The alkaloids in it make the pains go away, and you feel relaxed and more active. 4 to 6 g of Red Bali Kratom dose can do the work. But if you are using it the first time, start with no more than 2 g. Then gradually increase the dose. You can take Red Bali Kratom two times a day, and you have an option to use the powder any way you feel comfortable.


Turmeric is a root and natural herb which is suitable for treating the chronic pains. People have been using the turmeric for ages to address different problems. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties which give relief from pains.

Turmeric is useful in cooking too which offers delicious taste and smell to the foods. You can also take turmeric in the form of capsules, or you can make the tea of turmeric powder as well.


Clove is a spice which can be added to the food for taste and pleasant smell. Cloves can treat the pains like a headache and arthritis pains. Other than managing pains cloves are very beneficial for other health conditions like treating cold and nausea.

One of the best uses of cloves is treating the toothaches, mostly used in toothpaste as a topical pain reliever. Cloves are used as an herbal supplement in the form of capsules as well as in powder form.


Basil extract is one of the remedies to treat the chronic pains. Basil has high properties of anti-inflammation and reduces the swelling and pain effects of arthritis pains.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is the most famous herb which is in use for centuries for the treatment of many diseases and pains. The vitamins in it provide the anti-inflammatory properties and give relief from different pains like mouth ulcers, arthritis and burn skin. Aloe Vera gel and juice are the common forms of using Aloe Vera.


The herbs for chronic pain mentioned above are the safest and easiest way to solve the problems of pains. If your pain is getting worse, you should consult the doctor and follow what he prescribes.

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