Can You Get Dental Implants in Poland While Pregnant?

Dental Implants Poland are safe for Pregnant Women

Dental implants are safe to install at any stage of life, but the pregnant woman must take into consideration some facts.

  • As you probably experienced, pregnant women, suffer from hormonal changes, because of estrogen level changes, that is why women are more likely to have oral infections. It may result in gum bleeding, tooth decay, gum infections or other gum diseases. In case, that all of that issues are not controlled it may lead to loss of teeth or some infections. In case of implantation, any infection in the mouth must be treated immediately with antibiotics, as any infection around implant will result in the loss of implants.
  • The dental implant procedure is recommended to perform after the second trimester, just to protect the baby.
  • Dental implant procedure includes the performance of x-ray and CT scan, the best would be taking them before pregnancy time. The radiation from X-rays is very small, but it is still advised to avid x-rays / CT scan while pregnancy period.
  • Another concern is anesthetic, studies show that local anesthetic is safe during pregnancy. In some cases, general anesthetic is requested (by the patient) or suggested (by the doctor), general anesthetic might be risky for pregnant woman and baby. Most of the gynecologist do not advice to undergo with general anesthetic while being pregnant, only in emergency situations.
  • The tricky issue is stress, as you know pregnant women should avoid stress, high blood pressure which may affect the baby. Dental implant procedure might be stressful and painful; such situation should be limited while being pregnant.

Just to sum up, you can safely go ahead with dental implants after your second trimester. However, you must be aware of all risk. The best would be consulting your dental treatment with implant logy and gynecologist, as well.

Dental Implant Surgery after your Pregnancy

Dental implants surgery is a very safe procedure, however, mostly it is suggested to wait for the delivery. That way dentist is completely sure that any complication will not harm your baby health. What is more, it is also very beneficial for future mothers, as they may concentrate on themselves and may avoid any risks or complications. It is better to focus on the baby and giving a birth. 9 months that is the short period of time, for sure you can wait with implants. In the meantime, pregnant women are typically given the green light for routine dental treatments, such as crowns, fillings or root canal treatments. Bu each dental treatment should be performed by the well-experienced doctor who is aware that you are pregnant. That is very crucial information for any dentist.

Preparing for Dental Implants After Child Birth

As you can check it is recommended and suggested to wait for dental implants. But every patient may prepare for the dental implant procedure. Below you may find some tips which you should follow:

  • Keep good oral hygiene – brushing teeth twice a day, flossing, use of mouthwash.
  • In case of morning sickness, it is recommended to rinse mouth after vomiting with mouthwash or with distilled water mixed with baking soda, to prevent teeth from acid.
  • Follow routine check up
  • Perform teeth cleaning


In conclusion, you may safety perform dental implants while being pregnant, but dentist will require prior discussion and confirmation from your gynecologist. The most important is your and baby health. To check if you are the good candidate for dental implants Poland feel free to contact Dental Travel Poland which will advise you treatment and its stages.

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