The Long Lasting Batteries Of The Slim Vape Pen Series

If you have bought any one of the slim vape pen available in the market you can attest to their compactness and portability. However, one thing you might not have given too much thought to is the vape pen battery of the slim vape device in your possession.

As slim as the CBD vape pen is, so also is its battery. The slim vape pen series are replaceable and can be bought in any vape shop or online. Here is a review of three of the best slim vape pen battery for sale currently available on the market.

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The 2018 All-In-One Vape Pen Battery With The Best 510 Thread

The 2018 All-In-One is one of the best slim vape pen battery 510. It is a vape pen battery 510 thread with USB charger that comes with a 300 mAh capacity. You can get one at a price of only $8.01, and this vape pen battery has an exquisite design. It has a slim, lightweight and innovative design that is perfect for a wireless USB charger.

This is a preheating, voltage regulating and auto sensor vape pen battery. You can use the All-In-One battery with a variety of e-liquid cartridge depending on your taste and preference.

Key Features Of The All-In-One Battery

  • The battery capacity of the All-In-One battery is 300 mAh.
  • It has a 510 threading.
  • It is ideal for all types of cartridges.
  • This vape pen battery with temp control has preheating, auto sensor, manual control, and voltage controls.
  • It also comes with a leak-proof design.

The CE3 Battery With A 280 mAh Capacity

One of the best slim vape pen battery in the market today is the CE3 battery. This slim vape pen battery comes with a capacity of 280 mAh. It also has a good vape pen battery with a voltage rating of 4.2 volts. You can get 5pcs for $ 14.77; it comes with an exquisite design and beautiful colors.

What makes this one of the best vape pen battery it is an automatic energy saving on/off function. It will turn off after inhaling and will resume automatically during the next puff. With a dimension of 9.6mm in diameter and 85mm in length, this is a slim and portable battery.

Main Features Of Vape Pen Battery

  • The battery capacity – 280 mAh.
  • The slim vape pen battery sizes include a diameter of 9.6mm and a length of 85mm.
  • The voltage rating – 5 volt DC Input and 4.2 volts (420mA) Output.
  • The LED light – When you take a hit or puff, the LED lights at the bottom of the battery will blink.

The Itsuwa Amigo Max Slim Vape Pen Battery

You can get the Itsuwa Amigo Max a good vape pen battery for $7.56. This battery comes with a length of 82mm and a diameter of 11.2mm. The capacity of this vape pen battery is 380 mAh. It is also stainless steel, preheat vape pen battery 510 with a variable and adjustable voltage rating. It is available in gun, black and silver color.

The preheating time of this vape pen battery 510 is 15 seconds while the ideal voltage is 4.2 volts. There are three buttons LED light indicators namely; 2.7 volts (White), 3.1 volts (Blue) and 3.6 volts (Red). The Itsuwa preheat smartpen vape battery gives out two clicks when it preheats, three clicks when it adjusts the voltage rating and five clicks to turn on or off.

Key Features Of Preheat And Variable Voltage Battery:

  • Battery material – Stainless Steel.
  • This vape pen battery sizes are 11mm x 82mm.
  • Battery Capacity – 380 mAh.
  • The threading – 510 thread.
  • The Wattage rating – 7W to 10W.
  • Color type – Available in Gun, Black or Silver.


The All-In-One vape pen battery can be considered as the best amongst the three batteries reviewed. For the simple reason that it can be used for a variety of the cartridges and it is the best slim vape pen battery for wax. It also has a high battery capacity of 300 mAh. What’s more, you can buy vape pen battery for $8.01; it is very affordable.

The Itsuwa Amigo Max is the cheapest vape pen battery for sale, and it is valued at $7.56 while the CE3 battery is the most expensive of the three, buy vape pen battery for $14.77. However, whichever of the three batteries you choose to buy you can be assured of a lightweight, portable and durable battery to use with your vape pen device.

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