7 Reasons You Should NOT Delay Visit to a Urologist

In most cases, urinary issues are not passed on to a specialist by the primary care doctor. This is dangerous as sometimes the problem may be a warning sign of a serious underlying condition. Early detection can increase the chances of cure. In case, you have found yourself stuck in this situation, see a urologist as soon as possible.

You simply need to observe the following signs and symptoms to fix up an appointment and get to know your body better.

 7 Signs that Scream ‘RUSH’ to an Experienced Urologist

Signs of Infertility

It is wise to report any side of male infertility that you observe, to a urologist. As per studies, a very small percentage of male infertility is caused due to testicular cancer. Primary care doctors often miss this. The signs are also totally missed by an IVF fertility doctor.

Observe Blood in Urine

Do you see blood in urine? Also referred to as ‘Hematuria’ in medical science, it may either be visible to the naked eye (gross hematuria) or seen only under the microscope (known as microscopic hematuria). This is not normal. The issue may also be an early warning sign of kidney or bladder cancer. The assessment process is basic in this case. The doctor may order x-rays such as a CT scan, urine tests, and cystoscopy involving a close look inside the bladder using a fiberoptic scope. It may be dangerous to wait and see if the blood goes away on its own. Blood, even if noticed just once should be reported to a urologist.

Change in PSA

It is recommended that men should report any changes in PSA or elevated PSA to a specialist. In general, the PSA is deemed as remains one of the most sensitive signs of prostate cancer. The only issue is that many doctors have a problem understanding the PSA test. All concerns related to elevation raises must be evaluated professionally. Sometimes, PSA within normal levels may also suggest cancer. So make sure this is evaluated by an experienced urologist.

Abnormality in Prostate Exam

If an abnormality such as irregularities, small nodules, or firmness is detected in a prostate exam, it is time to consult a specialist. These irregularities may be arising from a prostate cancer. Visiting a urologist will help you get clear information on this. He/she will also be able to let you know about any changes visible in the body from prior exams. An annual exam is recommended for all men between ages 40 and 45. Early detection will help cure the condition.

Abnormality on X-Ray

An abnormality related to the kidney detected on x-ray should be taken very seriously. This may be a cancer of the kidney. Once assessed, you would come to know if it is cancer or something else. It is also not advisable to allow a biopsy of kidney mass unless you see a urologist. This is because kidney mass biopsies can cause a lot of harm and in most cases, fails to provide the desired information.

Persistent Pain / Testicular Mass

There are very rare chances of having an underlying testicular cancer. Hence, any firmness, masses, or even nodules of testicle should be assessed by one of the top urologists. This also includes men experiencing testicular pain that did not show any improvement within a week or two. Remember, the earlier testicular cancer is detected, more the chances for the cure.

 Some Symptoms you should not ignore

It is advisable that men should never ignore any of the symptoms listed below:

– Pain in lower abdomen

– Difficulty urinating

– A testicular mass

– Infertility

– Decreased sexual desire

In case, you experience any of the symptoms listed above, visit a urologist without delay.


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